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Singer Cesária Évora, listening to Cesária Évora’s most popular albums and songs.




The famous singer Cesária Évora of Cabo Verde is the most famous Morna singer in the world. She is nicknamed the female barefoot singer because she often performs without shoes.

The main albums of singer Cesária Évora include:

  • La Diva Aux Pieds Nus – 1988.
  • Distino di Belita – 1990.
  • Mar Azul – 1991
  • Miss Perfumado – 1992.
  • Cesária – in 1995.
  • Cabo Verde – 1997.
  • Café Atlantico – 1999.
  • São Vicente di Longe – 2001.
  • Voz d’Amor – 2003.
  • Rogamar – 2006.
  • Sentimento – 2009.

Cesária Évora also has a live album and selects from other albums like.

  • Sodade – Les Plus Belles Mornas de Cesária (Best of compilation, 1994).
  • Club Sodade (Remix album, 1996).
  • Live à l’Olympia (Live album, recorded at the Paris Olympia, 1996).
  • Colors of the World (Allegro Music, 1997).
  • July 1997 Live Lugano (Live album, recorded at Lugano, 1997)
  • Best Of ’(Best of compilation, 1998) CAN: Gold.
  • Anthology (Best of compilation, 2002).
    Mornas & Coladeras – Double CD edition of Anthology, 2004).
  • Live d’Amor (Live DVD, recorded in 2004 at Le Grand Rex, Paris, 2004).
  • Un Geste Pour Haiti

Listen to all the songs presented by Cesária Évora.

Cesária Évora is a Grammy-winning artist. She was also honored by the French Minister of Culture and Media Christine Albanel as the honorary female knight of France, the African Music Award. Singer Cesária Évora also acts as an ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program and is known for his humanitarian actions.

Her stage-playing routine leads to the nickname “barefoot diva”, some fans speculate that her no-show performances are a sign of solidarity with the poor. However, in a radio interview in 2001, she confirmed that she simply did not like shoes. “People often say that I did it in solidarity with the hungry and all the poor in the world, but that’s not true,” she said. Stay at Verde Verde, lots of people like me. “They just don’t like shoes.”

On December 17, 2011, Cesária Évora died in São Vicente, Cabo Verde due to cardiopulmonary arrest and hypertension, aged 70 years.


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